March is International Women’s Month and while we here at Clutch celebrate our women all year long, we thought we’d highlight twenty-one extra special sisters who are doing big things to make a difference all over the world. Whether in law, politics, the media or civil society, each of these women are working hard to change the world in their own unique way.

So, in honor of our sisters around the world we celebrate their successes, in no particular order, and draw inspiration from their achievements as if they were our own.

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  • Excellent List! Many women I am very familiar with!

    Thanks Clutch!

  • Maria

    Thank you for this Sylvia, It’s good to know that these amazing women have made a contribution to the betterment of all. Each one of them had to fight to make it and glad that there are not too many “entertainers” just to prove that we have much more to offer.

  • This is a really great list. Very timely. I added a link to it on ‘What Black Women Think’ – msoyonline.com – This is definitely worth sharing.

  • hbsoul

    Great list with a lot of global representation, and thank you for not attempting to put them in order. But…while her charity work is admirable, I have some suggestions on other people that could have replaced Naomi Campbell. Michaelle Jean of Haiti/Canada, Lateefah Simon of San Francisco, Senator Piedad Cordoba of Colombia, Susana Baca of Peru, or Edwidge Danticat of Haiti/NYC all would have been excellent additions.

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