I’m going to go against the grain and say if a man says he will leave his woman for you he will do it (Yes, I did go there). I’m going to go even further and say that after he leaves her to be with you he will turn over a new leaf and be faithful to you and only you. No matter how bad you may want to believe me, don’t because nine times out of ten it just does not happen.

To be honest, I really did not think there was a need for me to say that at all, but with the recent up rise of MBA’s (Married But Available) and unhappily committed men on the dating scene now, I felt it was my responsibility to remind my sisters that ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. My emphasis on this underestimated cliché goes beyond the lies he will tell you. It digs deep into his character and the very reason why he would cheat on his significant other to be with you. More importantly, it asks the question -“how much louder does a guy have to scream that he is no good than him telling you he belongs to someone else but still wants to date you? “

What concerns me is that some women can get caught up in the moment and become blinded by the fact that any many who presents himself in the wrong is wrong for her. Her inability to see past his charm and sob story can cause her heartache, pain and a block on her blessings. Now I hope I’m right when I say my beautiful sisters will never entertain such nonsense from a man. But I also hope that if I’m wrong, you will really take a deep look into yourself and find out why you feel you deserve less than the best. Why you would want to love a man that does not respect himself enough to leave an unhappy relationship instead of cheating?


Besides the fact that being the other women is not sexy or ladylike, you should never want or feel the need to be second to anyone .You deserve to have it all and that includes 100% of your own man and nothing less. So my message to you my sisters is define a man’s character by what he does not by what he says. It will make the picture into his character a lot clearer.

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