dailyphoto080325.jpgIndia.Arie Launches New Label SoulBird
R&B singer/songwriter India.Arie has entered her new imprint SoulBird Music into a label deal with Universal Republic Record. Arie’s musical partner and R&B sensation Anthony David will be the first artist to release an album under the new banner, with his much anticipated major label offering, Acey Deucey, scheduled for in-store release on June 17. (Continue Reading…)

The World’s Wealthiest Black People
Collectively Black Americans are the richest Blacks in the world. But, only two Black Americans can claim a nine-figure. Times are changing and Black Africans are making more money than African Americans and have made it onto Forbes’ list of the world’s wealthiest billionaires. (Continue Reading…)

Kilpatrick’s Response: ‘I can’t say that I am surprised’
It’s probably different than you’ve seen me before, I will read a prepared statement, and I would not go away from the remarks that are in front of me. First, obviously, I’m deeply disappointed in the prosecutor’s decision. I can’t say that I am surprised, however. This has been a very flawed process from the very beginning. (Continue Reading…)

Michael Jackson and His Family All Running Out of Money
The glory days of sequin-studded seven figure performances are over, with the cash strapped family now paying for decades of poor financial decisions. (Continue Reading…)

Dissension Arises at Fox News Over Treatment of Obama
Critics of the Fox News Channel regularly complain that the network beats up on Democrats and takes comments out of context. Usually, though, those critics are not Fox anchors. On Friday Chris Wallace, host of the weekend political talk show “Fox News Sunday,” took the hosts of “Fox & Friends” to task for their conversations about Senator Barack Obama’s comments about race. His complaint — which created both a tense moment and some must-see TV — was that his colleagues were taking those comments out of context. (Continue Reading…)

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