dailyphoto080326.jpgGabrielle Union Joins ‘Cadillac Records’
If all goes well, ‘Cadillac Records’ is shaping up to be the next big musical that will bring folks back to the past as some of the best musicians you probably haven’t heard of, aside from a few, are being played on the big screen. With Jeffrey Wright set to play Muddy Waters, Gabrielle Union has been recently cast to play his girlfriend-then wife Geneva Wade. (Continue Reading…)

Obama girl pleads with Clinton to stop
Amber Lee Ettinger, the star of the last year’s wildly popular online video “Obama girl,” is out with a new video this week that decries Hillary Clinton’s insistence on remaining in the presidential race. The new video — titled “Hillary, stop the attacks!” — opens with a takeoff on Clinton’s now-famous “3 a.m.” ad, and quickly transitions to Ettinger addressing the New York Democrat head on. (Continue Reading…)

Affirmative Action Foes Push Ballot Initiatives
Sixteen months after voters in Michigan voted to kill affirmative action in the public sphere, opponents of preferences based on race and gender are pushing five more states to ban the practice. (Continue Reading…)

Detroit’s Kilpatrick Pleads Not Guilty to Perjury
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff, Christine Beatty, pleaded not guilty today to charges of lying under oath about an affair and using taxpayer money in an attempt to cover it up. The pair face charges of perjury, conspiracy, obstruction of justice and misconduct in office. They were released on $75,000 bail each, and preliminary examination has been set for June 9. (Continue Reading…)

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