dailyphoto080329.jpgThe New Black Cinema? Direct-To-Video
From the early 1930’s to the late 70’s, generations of moviegoers enjoyed the cheap thrills and simple pleasures of what were known as ‘B” movies, low budget films with lesser known or no name stars made by either major film studios, small “poverty row” film studios such as Monogram, Republic, and PRC or independent producers with plotlines of always exploitive material such as westerns, suspense thrillers, horror, crime and sci-fi films. They usually played the second half of a double feature along with an “A” film, a bigger budgeted Hollywood studio film with big name famous movie stars of the period. And it wasn’t unusual for the “B” movies to be more entertaining and creative than the “A” studio. (Continue Reading…)

Obama Gets Boost; Clinton Urged to Quit
Barack Obama got a surprise boost in the last big state of the long Democratic campaign Friday with an endorsement from Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey Jr., while another Obama supporter sought to nudge Hillary Rodham Clinton out of the race. (Continue Reading…)

Rice Hails Obama Race Speech as ‘Important’ for US
Sometimes touted as a contender for the Republican vice-presidential slot, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has aired her thoughts on race in the United States, a prominent issue in the presidential election campaign. (Continue Reading…)

Paper: Campus Skit Had ‘Obama’ in Blackface
North Dakota State University is investigating complaints about a campus skit in which a white student in blackface portrayed Barack Obama receiving a lap dance. The same skit, part of a charity fundraiser held at a campus theater, also featured a depiction of cowboys having sex with each other, witnesses told The Forum newspaper, which first reported the backlash Friday. (Continue Reading…)

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