dailyphoto080303.jpgThe Wire Tap: Jamie Hector
Fans of The Wire, hold your heads high as one of the greatest shows on television readies for the grand finale on March 9. Despite our looming angst about the end of the series, we have some young new characters to add to our “favorite gangster” lists. At the front of the pack is Marlo Stanfield, played impeccably by the amicably stoic actor Jamie Hector. (Continue Reading…)

Latino-Black Relations May Tilt Texas Results
Like black neighborhoods across America, the Oak Cliff area here has gone Latino, soul-food restaurants having given way to Salvadoran pupuserías. But in contrast to some U.S. cities, where political rivalry festers between the races, blacks and Latinos here and across Texas are getting along — and that may benefit Barack Obama in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. (Continue Reading…)

Somalia Media Conditions Deteriorate
All sides in Somalia’s long-running conflict are united in at least one goal, an international rights group said Monday — trying to curtail independent media by “killing, arresting and threatening” reporters. The report by Amnesty International was released a day after government raids shut down three independent radio stations in Mogadishu.(Continue Reading…)

She built a business with more diverse greeting cards
There were no broad noses crinkled in laughter. No muscular mocha arms holding newborns close. No giggling girls running through a field of daisies as their plaits flop in the breeze. Robin McNeil, 38, of Loganville wanted everything to be perfect for her husband’s first Father’s Day — especially the card. (Continue Reading…)

Financially Strapped Fisk University Ends NCAA Athletics
Clad in his Greek letters, Fisk University senior David Hill would make his way to the annual homecoming basketball game, on the lookout for his fraternity brothers, old and young, of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. They might embrace or just say hello, the older Omegas doling out pieces of wisdom to the younger frats. But not anymore. (Continue Reading…)

Obama Adviser Denies Trade Remarks
Barack Obama’s senior economic policy adviser said Sunday that Canadian government officials wrote an inaccurate portrayal of his private discussion on the campaign’s trade policy in a memo obtained by The Associated Press. (Continue Reading…)

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