artimpactkizende.jpgOne Congolese woman’s ‘silent scream’ is heard
Honorata Kizende was hiding in a house when the soldiers came. They kicked the front door down and found her huddling with her five children and another woman. The men asked the women if they were hiding their husbands. We have none, both replied. Then one of the soldiers said something that chilled Kizende, because she knew what was about to happen. (Continue Reading…)

Unparalleled ‘Wire’ to conclude Sunday
On “The Wire,” it’s tradition for Baltimore police to hold a wake for a fallen officer by laying out his body on a barroom pool table, singing the Pogues’ “The Body of an American” and raising their glasses to the dearly departed. And so it’s time to do the same for the show itself, dead at 60 episodes. The unparalleled HBO drama, whose final episode airs Sunday, endeavored unlike any previous fictional series to depict a city in full. Its protagonist was Baltimore, framed by thousands of close-ups — from the corner drug dealers to the city hall politicians. (Continue Reading…)

Slave rescue bid resumes in Sudan
The seven have been taken to a transit camp in the South Darfur capital, Nyala, the head of the operation says. Ahmed Mufti said the latest operation would seek to free 1,200 people, with the first group going home next month. Some 8,000 people are thought to remain in slavery after being captured during Sudan’s north-south conflict. (Continue Reading…)

Rift Over AIDS Treatment Lingers in South Africa
Colin Pfaff, a slight doctor imbued with Christian zeal, had reached a moral crossroads. Dr. Pfaff knew that giving H.I.V.-positive women and their newborns two anti-AIDS drugs instead of one would reduce the odds that mothers would pass the virus to their babies. For months, he and doctors from other hospitals pleaded with provincial health authorities for permission to use the approach, in a province where a staggering 4 in 10 pregnant women were infected. (Continue Reading…)

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