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  • i like the silver suits they are wearing in the video

  • Monique

    The video is hot! I love this song, up until Puffy starts putting in his 2 sense!

  • kirah

    For some reason, i got bored and didnt watch the whole video. I’m not hating on them though. And I hope the girls do good.

  • I loved the previous album of Danity Kane and happy to hear that their second album is going to come out. But honestly, i can`t feel any hit factor in this 1st single, at least in my opinion.I hope they would do their best though.

  • Shenitta

    I love Dawn. Shes the most down to earth one as well as the best singer, in my opinion. But why does Diddy have to end up on everything?? It was so out of place.