lna3.jpgSleek in black and electrifying in pink, popular t-shirt design duo LnA have added fabulously fun leggings to their Spring Collection! After the success of their Hollywood crazed Spring 2007 T-Shirt line, designers Lauren and April show off their creative yet, basic fashion versatility with brilliantly colored leggings with large brass zippers.

While LnA‘s basic concept is to create fun but, staple mastered pieces, the team also takes pride in the array of colors their items are available in. In 20 different colors, the popular Grease inspired Black Licorice leggings have been the collections most popular followed by colors like “Fire”, “Flamingo” and “Marigold”.

Unleash you inner Hollywood chic, by going for a pair of brightly colored or black LnA leggings with a white or black LnA oversized Boyfriend Collection t-shirt, bright funky accessories and an oversized bag.

For more on LnA visit their website www.lnaclothing.com!


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