tonic2.jpgAs trendy T-Shirt collections arrive for the spring and summer months, make a fashionable yet social and environmentally safe statement in a Tonic Tee. The 100% eco friendly t-shirts made from bamboo and organic cotton supports global concern initiatives in education, health care, human rights and the environment. Stylish and inexpensive, nearly half the revenue from each Tonic Tee sold can support the education of three children in India for a year or even decrease ones risk of drinking contaminated water in Asia or Central America. As each Tonic Tee supports a different initiative, conscious fashionistas can choose up to four causes to aid with each purchase. Available only online to cut costs in order to “put our money where our mouths are and go do good things in the world” shoppers also have the option to “spike their tonic” by reducing up to 90% of their unwanted postal mail using Tonic’s product Green Dimes.

“Every T Counts”
Tonic’s limited edition t-shirt series by designer Luella Bartley will be sold this April on www.tonicgen.com. Tonic wants you to use your purchasing power to make a difference!

For more on Tonic T-Shirts visit www.tonicgen.com and for more info on Tonic GreenDimes visit www.greendimes.com!

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