After constantly being stopped on the street while wearing pieces she’d made for herself, designer Rene Huber launched her tres chic accessories line Goldenbleu. Armed with an eye for detail, undoubtedly honed during her stints in graphic arts and interior design, Huber set out to create accessories that “exuded the quality and sophistication of designer labels while also embodying a fresh design perspective.” Her use of vivid colors and crisp white accents on everything from intricately woven wedges to sleek patent leather clutches for the Spring/Summer collection are certainly in keeping with that goal.

Bi-coastal and international travels between San Francisco, New York, and Florence, Italy serve as inspiration for Rene and may explain the case wanderlust one may experience after viewing the latest Goldenbleu offerings. Her urbane designs would be perfectly fitting for a vacation on the French Riviera or at least constructive daydreaming of the aforementioned getaway.

For more information visit www.goldenbleu.com


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