Jaycia Gayle is the woman behind some of the most fabulous denim duds out there. Her line, Jainesse Denim launched in August of 2004 and has since been suiting the bodies of celebs and bodacious women alike. Gayle began in the retail side of the fashion industry and worked in an environment with designer co-workers for many years. Support from both colleagues and family contributed to her relentless pursuit of a childhood dream. Influenced by the 70s and her native country Jamaica, Gayle insists on creating untraditional looks and pieces that no one else may have.

When asked what goes into creating a fab pair of jeans, Gayle says, “It all starts with when the light bulb goes off in your head. I may see something or have a random thought. I will immediately write it down. From there you make it happen and the next thing you know you have that finished product.”


Using bold colors in many pieces (picture the Jamaican islands in denim) the finished products are anything but typical. The women Gayle aspires to strut in Jainesse are as distinctive as the line: confident, intelligent, happy, and sexy! Jainess in musical vernacular would be like “Reggae when Bob Marley was alive,” Gayle says. “He would love to see all of his women wearing Jainesse!”

Be on the look out for more color, fabric and prints like camouflage and navy blue and white pinstripe for Spring/Summer 2008 as well as the March launch of jainesse.com! For more Jainesse, visit www.myspace.com/jainesse.


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