p187414_hero.jpgQ: I have lost some weight since the New Year and all of a sudden I have cheekbones! I have no idea what to do with them, being that it’s been so long since I have seen them. Help?
Congrats on the weight loss! In honor of your hard work you deserve to look your very best so you should definitely highlight those fabulous cheekbones. But you have to be careful with how you apply makeup to your cheeks so that you don’t end up looking overdone. One of the best product for cheeks that I have come across is Bare Escentuals Tutorials – Lesson 1: Get Cheeky ($34, bareescentuals.com). This amazing kit has everything you need to achieve perfectly sculpted and flawless cheeks. And best of all it comes with instructions on how to achieve the perfect cheek for your face shape. Included in the set is Lovely Blush and Pure Radiance All Over Face Color perfect for every skin tone and complexion. Honestly achieving movie star worthy cheeks has never been this easy.

721220_fpx.jpgQ: My ten year high school reunion is three months away and I want to look better than everyone else. What can I do in that short amount of time to look ten years younger?
Well you have two options. One option involves a lot of money, pain and considerable downtime. The other option is painless, relatively inexpensive and takes about five seconds every morning. Option one is a face lift. Option two is Clarins Younger Longer Balm ($98, bloomingdales.com). With neurocosmetic technology and rare concentrated botanicals this balm leaves skin feeling and acting years younger. Each day the balm works to help skin regain the tone, density and resistance of its youth. And it protects it from further damage from the environment and free radicals. Personally I would go with the Younger Longer Balm, but that’s just me.

13292.jpgQ: The harsh weather this winter season has left my lips dry and chapped. What is the best product to get my lips soft as the weather warms up?
Protecting your lips from the worst weather throws is an important step in your daily beauty routine throughout the year. But in the dry cold weather of the winter months protecting your lips becomes even more crucial. And La Roche-Posay Nutritic Lips is a great way to help you do that ($12, laroche-posay.com) Nutritic Lips is a new intensive lip treatment formulated to heal severely dry, dehydrated lips and restore moisture. It goes on smooth and returns lips back to their optimal health in no time. Before you know it you will have soft moisturized lips and it will be time to pull out your shorts.

p200819_hero.jpgQ: I find it hard to give a beauty product as a gift because you never know what color in makeup or scent in fragrance people are going to like. Is there any beauty item that is a sure bet for a gift?
I wish my Aunt Shelia would ask this question because every year for Christmas I get the same bright red lipstick. While I appreciate the thought behind the gift there is no way that waxy lipstick will touch my lips. So I now have eight bright red new unused lipsticks sitting under my vanity in the bathroom.

I would go with a simple gift that could be used by most people. Something that everyone could love, like a great lotion or body wash. Philosophy makes the best 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath on the market. They have a sweet gift set that will let someone special know you care. The Just Because set is the perfect gift for everyone ($30, sephora.com). Philosophy captured the decadent scent of white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate and stored them in this adorable gift box. A decedent treat for someone you love. And much more user friendly than a bright red lipstick.

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