Mini News Feed 3.10.08



iloveclutch14.jpgUN Again Criticizes Treatment of Blacks Post-Katrina
Britain’s new black power
NAACP: Tell ‘Whole Story’ of the Confederacy
Serena Williams Takes Bangalore Open Title
Africa: Americans Shouldn’t Give Up on Africa
Mother Protests Tony Yayo’s Book Bank Book Tour
Some Fear Rezoning Will Sap Harlem of Character
Obama’s Black Support Shows Its Limits

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  • One of the other guys over at Highbrid Nation wrote about Tony Yayo doing the literacy program with youth and when I read it I was a little bothered. Honestly I think its a joke and I don’t believe he should be commended at all. He’s only doing it because he got in trouble for smacking that kid. I doubt if Yayo himself can even read.