jb_logo.gifI have fond memories of the summers I spent as a little girl at the local pool. Each day that it was warm enough. my sister and I packed up a bag with a big beach towel, two quarters apiece for the pool, bathing suits and a bottle of cheap lotion big enough to be used as a flotation device. The lotion was cheap and watery. It went on runny and left our skin almost in worse condition than when we came out of the pool. No matter how much we poured and rubbed it in, the lotion wasn’t created for our skin and it’s needs. There was nothing created for us.

Well J*Blossom and Co. decided to do something for all those little girls like me and my sister. They created a company to address the need to have positive, healthy and fun alternatives for African American children. J.Blossom and Co. saw the need for this in our community and stepped in trying to help girls traditionally ignored by the beauty industry to feel good about themselves. Each package features an adorable brown girl and every product has a different positive affirmation on the bottle, like “Short or tall, thick or thin, I love the skin that I am in!”

J*Blossom and Co. uses the finest natural ingredients, including shea butter and jojoba oil to make bubble bath, lip balm and of course lotion ($12.00+, jblossom.com). You can choose from a yummy strawberry-banana or juicy grape scents to create a great gift for every girl in your life. The products are non drying and ultra moisturizing. Perfect for all types of skin and all ages. Give to every girl in your life from ages one to one hundred and everybody in between. After all we all want to feel good about ourselves inside and out.


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