p204718_hero.jpg On Saturday citizens of countries all over the globe turned off their lights to participate in Lights Out Day. This was the second year for the exciting day and organizers estimated that millions all over the would participate. Even Internet giant Google participated. It just goes to show that every little bit counts and we can all be part of the solution.

With that in mind I have begun to try to buy as many beauty products that not only fulfill my need to look good but my need to do good. Luckily for me there are a ton of products on the market that have started to give back. One of my favorite companies, Tarte has created a wonderful product that gives back. Tarte’s Full Blossom Natural Swirl Cheek Stain ($28, sephora.com) combines their best-selling natural cheek stain in two flattering shades with their new proprietary “T5 Super Fruit Complex.” The complex is a blend of five super fruits that deliver anti-aging and skin-restorative benefits. And with the purchase of every cheek stain, consumers will be helping to preserve the Amazon Rainforest throughout forest conservation, improved living conditions and education opportunities for communities in Brazil. Tarte is supporting Sambazon’s Sustainable Acai Project, a member of the Organic Trade Association and the Fair Trade Federation, which should make you feel great about the makeup and the brand you are buying.

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