sidejar2.jpgUnrefined. Pure. Natural. Fair Trade. These are all words that should excite any consumer buying products in 2008. I know they got me excited as I read the packaging for a product I came across recently. This product is not only good for you and the environment, but also for the global economy. Tulia Citrus Shea Butter Whip is an amazing product that celebrities and those in the know are going crazy for ($16.50 ,tuliaskincare.com). It contains 100% unrefined, pure and natural shea butter that has no solvents, preservatives, additives, bleaches or chemicals. Because the natural integrity of the shea butter is not altered, every single drop of healing and moisturizing properties stay intact and are delivered to your skin upon application. This is the perfect solution for skin problems, stretch marks, scars, blemishes and dryness.

The ingredients of the product are pure and simple. Shea butter and essential oil of tangerine. The instructions for usage are even simpler — just let it melt into your skin with your body heat. All you are left with is smooth, soft, radiant skin that has a beautiful fresh smell. I use it all over my legs, stomach, feet, and hands. And a little bit goes along ways. I just use a few tiny dabs for my entire body.

Best of all Tulia has made a stand and a commitment to buy raw shea butter directly from an African-owned producer of traditionally extracted unrefined shea butter. The producer is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, which is an organization that ensures its members pay fair and steady incomes to their African labor force that harvest the nuts. Which not only makes me happy to buy this product but proud.

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