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artcristgi.jpgIf allowed, Florida, Michigan could tip nomination
Florida and Michigan could go from having no say in the Democratic nominating process to deciding the nominee if their states’ political leaders succeed in getting their delegates seated. The Democratic National Committee stripped both states of their delegates for violating party rules by scheduling their primaries too early. (Continue Reading…)

McCain looks to shore up support, organization
After clinching the Republican nomination, Sen. John McCain on Thursday is working to shore up support in battleground states and strengthen his organization going into the general election. In addition to fundraising, McCain campaign officials said their focus will be on on devising policy speeches and initiatives. (Continue Reading…)

Obama’s grandmother decries tricks
American shock jocks, dirty tricks masterminds and political bloggers: Beware the wrath of an 86-year-old Kenyan villager. A frown replaces the dimpled beam of Sarah Hussein Obama, grandmother of Barack Obama, when asked on Wednesday about recent attacks on her grandson that include the spreading of rumors that he is secretly a Muslim and the repeated use of his middle name — Hussein — by a radio host at a rally for presumptive Republican nominee John McCain. (Continue Reading…)

Obama needs to join Hillary in the gutter
A lot of Barack Obama supporters woke up Wednesday with a Texas-sized headache. After fighting their way through a convoluted caucus procedure set up to dole out a third of the state’s delegates, and staying up half the night watching the vote returns push Hillary Clinton three percentage points ahead to win the state, an adage held up: (Continue Reading…)

Obama raises $55 million in February, sets new record
Sen. Barack Obama raised $55 million in February, his campaign reported Thursday, setting a record for political fundraising in one month. The amount far outpaces the $35 million his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Hillary Clinton, raised over the same period. (Continue Reading…)


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