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artmccainap.jpgMcCain’s golden opportunity
While the Democratic presidential candidates are duking it out on the campaign trail, Sen. John McCain is trying to fill up his campaign coffers. But some supporters fear he’s not making the most of his time. Just back from his eighth trip to Iraq, McCain returned to the campaign trail Monday in Chula Vista,California, with last week’s words from Osama bin Laden in hand. (Continue Reading…)

Clinton: Wright would not have been my pastor
Sen. Hillary Clinton would have long ago distanced herself from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright if she had been a member of his church, the Democratic presidential candidate said Tuesday. It’s the first time she or her campaign has commented directly on a controversy that has swirled around rival Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign in recent weeks. (Continue Reading…)

Obama: How much experience is really required?
Much has been made about Barack Obama’s relative inexperience. Hillary Clinton has made experience the centerpiece of her campaign against Obama, and many Republicans see the issue as a big advantage for John McCain. Is Obama’s experience enough to qualify him to lead our country? It may be instructive to compare Obama’s experience to another relative lightweight who once became president. (Continue Reading…)

Obama took the risk to confront race relations in America
Last week, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama made explicit the implicit promise of his campaign: that he is uniquely positioned to bridge the nation’s ideological divisions, in part because he is uniquely positioned to bridge the nation’s racial divisions. (Continue Reading…)


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