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arthclintonap.jpgClinton rejects calls to quit Democratic race
Sen. Hillary Clinton on Saturday rejected calls by supporters of rival candidate Barack Obama to quit the Democratic presidential race, and Obama said Clinton should remain in race “as long as she wants.” “The more people get a chance to vote, the better it is for our democracy,” the New York senator and former first lady told supporters at a rally in Indiana, which holds a May 6 primary. (Continue Reading…)

Second Texas Democratic caucuses bring more chaos
Traffic jams, long lines, crowds, confusion and chaos marked Texas Democratic regional conventions Saturday as an unprecedented number of political activists turned out to help elect presidential nominating delegates for Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama. There are 67 at-large delegates at stake, depending mostly on the results of the state senatorial district and county conventions. (Continue Reading…)

Democratic squabbles could give McCain a boost
If ever the stars were aligned against a Republican winning the White House, 2008 is it. There’s war. And not just any war, but a war that a majority of the public firmly and consistently believes is not worth fighting and that has dragged on longer than World War II and cost more than Vietnam. There’s a likely recession. And not just an ordinary recession, but a financial crisis that involves millions of home foreclosures among the middle-class. Then there’s President Bush, a deeply unpopular Republican in his second term. Plus a fractured party that harbors profound suspicions about its nominee, Sen. John McCain. Money shortfalls. Disasters both natural, as in Hurricane Katrina, and man-made, as in corruption and sex scandals. Party enthusiasm as lukewarm as it is ferocious in the opposing camp. A flock of GOP retirements in Congress that reflect deep gloom about the party’s prospects. (Continue Reading..)


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