Mixing vintage treasures with today’s trends is one of the easiest ways to make your look more special. And while we love the end result of finding the perfect time honored frock, the chase for said piece can be a somewhat daunting task. That’s why we turn to one of our favorite vintage outposts, Rice and Beans Vintage, to make the experience a piece of cake. Owner Sarah Korsiak Cellier specializes in finding items that help you achieve that “what’s she wearing?” look every time.

Q: What’s the story behind the name Rice and Beans Vintage?
The name Rice and Beans Vintage came from a nickname that I was given along time ago, Ms. Rice and Beans. I’m pretty sure it was given to me because of my feisty personality! The name Rice and Beans Vintage is also a nod to my Cuban/Puerto Rican Grandma. To me there could be no better name than Rice and Beans Vintage! Fashion is an outward expression of how you are feeling and can be a great creative outlet. I love walking down the street and seeing someone who looks so good and comfortable with themselves and their style. That’s what Rice and Beans Vintage is all about, taking a piece and making it your own.

Q: How did you start collecting/selling vintage clothing? Is vintage wear something you’ve always loved?
I have always loved fashion, dressing up, and putting together outfits. I started collecting vintage clothing at a very young age. My first piece of vintage was a 50’s red crinoline skirt, like the type Cindi Lauper used to wear. I got my parents to take me to Screaming Mimi’s in NYC when I was about ten to buy it! Now I love to mix vintage clothing with current designer clothing to make my own look. I started selling vintage clothing about 6 years ago and then opened my solo site Rice and Beans Vintage after the birth of my son.

Q: What’s your most treasured find? Did you offer it up for sale or keep it for yourself?!
That’s tough; I honestly love everything that turns up at Rice and Beans Vintage. I have a hard time parting with a lot of the pieces. One of my favorite pieces that didn’t make it out of my shoe collection is a pair of Vintage 70’s Black Gucci Boots that have brown leather on the inside and brass horse bits on the outside of each ankle. You can either fold them over to make a brown cuff or slouch them down. They are perfect and are definitely part of my permanent collection.

Q: Now that everyone’s on the hunt for vintage treasure do you find that good vintage is hard to come by?
I’ve never had a hard time finding vintage treasures. It seems like I might have a sixth sense for it! I’m glad people are out there hunting for vintage, it’s great that so many people appreciate vintage fashion and are taking style into their own hands.


Q: Can you share a bit about the process of shopping for clothing for the site?
Shopping for Rice and Beans Vintage is one of my favorite things to do. I have a variety of places and people that I gather my inventory from which are all so different and amazing. Finding vintage and designer clothing for Rice and Beans Vintage is all about the hunt. I really just go in with an open mind and look for things that I like, pieces that reflect today’s fashion trends, clothing that is classic and will stand the test of time.

Q: Do you have any shopping tips for newbie vintage collectors?
Buy what you love! Don’t get caught up on the designer or what other people are wearing. Just go with what jumps out at you and buy what you love!


Q: How do you decide what merchandise to offer on your site?
I hand pick every piece at Rice and Beans Vintage so every item is something that I love and think is special. I read tons of fashion magazines every month and try to stay on top of what is in style because I know that is important to a lot of fashionistas out there! Although I carry a lot of vintage designer and current designer clothing, shoes, & accessories, you won’t find a piece there just because it is designer. It has to be a piece that is going to translate to 2008 and it has to be chic.

Q: Designers often look to the past in order to design for the future. Do you have a favorite time period/era for clothing?
I have so many favorite time periods, but right now I am into the flowing dresses of the 70’s. Not the polyester kind, but the sheer, gauzy silk dress with the Indian prints.

Q: Is there any trend from the past that you would wish to resurface?
Freezy Freaky Gloves! Growing up on the east coast we obviously had cold snowy winters and as a kid I loved my Freezy Freakies. They were those gloves that looked just like regular gloves until they got cold and a picture would magically appear. They should definitely bring those back! I also love jumpsuits, which I’m happy to say Versace has brought back this year.

Q: Can you share any future plans for Rice and Beans Vintage?
I’d love to work with more stylists, magazines, and artists to bring Rice and Beans Vintage to another venue.

Besides that Rice and Beans Vintage will continue to offer an amazing selection of handpicked vintage and designer clothing, shoes, & accessories!

Recieve 10% off any item or your entire purchase at Rice and Beans Vintage by entering discount code CLUTCH at checkout. This offer is valid for the entire months of March & April! Head on over to riceandbeansvintage.com.

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