LRG (The Lifted Research Group) set the streetwear genre ablaze when it burst onto the scene in 1999. Hardly a day went by where we didn’t see a famous face sporting the cutting edge brand. Well now their women’s line, Luxirie, is destined to meet the same success with its keen mix of round the way meets runway. We caught up with a few of the movers and shakers behind the brand that’s been spotted on many a leading lady including Mena Suvari and Christina Milian.

Q: What’s the philosophy behind Luxirie?
Pushing the envelope. Being the fashion leader rather than the fashion follower.

Q: What’s a typical day like in the Luxirie offices/showroom?
Very busy! And creative

Q: Describe the look of Luxirie for spring/summer?
The look of Spring/Summer is very fun, energetic, edgy and flirty. We’ve spiced up basic pieces to look more edgy by adding small details, choosing the right colors and putting our own Luxirie twist on it.

There are groups within each season that tell a story. For example, in Summer we have the St. Lux Yacht Club that is our nautical group and then the Brooklyn Safari group that is our bold street graphics group.

Q: What do you feel are the must have pieces from the spring/summer collection?
The one-pieces! Including denim pant overalls and short-alls. And twill mini jumpers

Q: How do you imagine the ideal Luxirie girl?
The girl that is confident in all aspects.


Q: What’s the creative inspiration for the brand? Is Luxirie inspired by similar brands, street style, or contemporary designer lines?
Luxirie is inspired by all influences around it, whether it be a person on the street, a tree on the street or a sign on the street. We are inspired by life, art, music, people and different lifestyles. Creating a fashion hybrid.

Q: Who is the creative force behind Luxirie? How did the initiative for the women’s line come about?
The owners of L-R-G are the creative forces behind Luxirie. Backing them up is the female team who translate the intellect.

Q: What has the consumer reaction to the brand been like since the launch?
There is tons of hype surrounding the line. The consumers are excited and can’t wait to see more!


Q: How do you distinguish the brand from other streetwear lines?
It is an all encompassing collection with a great attention to detail and fit. Rather than cater to one type of female, Luxirie knows that that one female has different moods, so we provide her with an array of versatile looks. Our line is made with heart, a labor of love.

Q: What can we expect next from Luxirie? What current projects are in the works?
Exciting collaborations that cannot be revealed at the moment and a lot more work with artists… And more banging pieces of course

Q: What would you like our readers to know about the brand?
That we love you.


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