If you’re the kind of woman who buys one handbag and wears it forever then you might want to invest in bags by Treesje. Both fashion forward and classic in design with supple leathers and rich details, they are the kind of purses that you can reach for time and again without feeling the urge to retire them. Sheila Nazarian and Laura Darrah, the designers and owners, were kind enough to give us more insight into the brand.

Q: How did the name Treesje come about?
We met as bridesmaids for a mutual friend and the name Treesje is the bride’s middle name. She is a very spiritual and whole person who is inspiring in so many ways.

Q: Who is the creative force behind the brand?
Sheila Nazarian & Laura Darrah, designers and owners.

Q: What was the first bag you ever designed?
It was a fold over clutch that we still have in our line today! The “pico.”

Q: Where do you usually find inspiration for your designs?
Every season changes due to current trends, but Fall 2008 was definitely inspired by our trip to Italy last Fall… The collection was largely based on experiencing first hand luxury Italian wear, sophisticated bespoke concept with a bohemian twist.

Q: Your bags have been spotted on many celebrities lately. What type of woman do you envision wearing your handbags?
A stylish lady who is both fashion forward as well as a classic dresser!! Someone who likes something feminine yet urban.


Q: How would you describe the aesthetic of your designs?
What we always try to do in every bag is mix a bit of masculine and femininity…..an urban everyday wear that is based on functionality and then incorporate in the design either an masculine pleated effect or a feminine ruffle.

Q: Tell us a bit about your latest collection (materials, inspiration, etc.)?
Our Fall 2008 collection incorporates both feminine luxe bags made of subtle Italian lamb leather, light hardware, and rouging… as well more urban chic pieces using heavy studding and multi-zippers.

Q: What do you feel makes your bags unique?
We always like to be a bit more over the top than your normal handbag but in a very subtle chic way.

Q: What’s your idea of the perfect handbag? Does it currently exist in the collection?
Our Asher is definitely the perfect handbag. Four functional exterior pockets, 2 short braided straps and long shoulder strap, and gorgeous pleating detail. Both aesthetic and functional, bohemian and sophisticated. We loved it so much, we made a travel size, the “asher grande.”

Q: Can you share any future plans for Treesje?
To grow the Treesje brand and continuously develop as designers! Brand extensions, ad campaigns, who knows? The sky is the limit, we are just having so much fun with it all!

To learn more about Treesje please visit www.treesje.com

1. Avery – Red Patent, $685, 2. Divino Clutch – White Patent, $320, 3. Asher Grande – Blue, $680, 4. Cedar – Brick, $625, 5. Metro Clutch – Citrus, $350, 6. Luna – Mocha Shimmer, $595, www.store.treesje.com

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