fill14.gifWhenever I see drugstore makeup ads on TV I always get secretly mad. I mean I own the same products they are selling but can never get the look that Beyonce or Rhianna promise is easy with the products they are pitching. I just know that somewhere just out of sight of the camera is a makeup artist with a bag of professional products that make these looks achievable. And since I don’t have access to these products I feel resigned to the fact that I couldn’t achieve the looks I love.

Well that was until I came across a new line of makeup that carries professional grade makeup products at reasonable prices. They have worked hard to provide a whole host of products that now give us regular folks a chance to create superstar looks at home. Face Front Cosmetics is a new makeup product line that carries products such as hyper-shine mineral pigments, glossy lip color, creamy lip blushes, mineral face enhancers and top notch goat hair brushes (www.facefront.us).

What makes the products in this line special is the attention to quality. The Paint Me Perfect Hyper-Shine Mineral Pigments pack bold, exciting, fearless mineral color into each container ($10.00, facefront.us). The color is buildable and can be sheer to opaque depending on your mood and your technique. Just sweep color across lid and let the fun begin. Or try the Bite Me Super-Glossy Pearlized Lip Color ($6.00). This is a non-sticky, super moisturizing formula that is packed with color and shine. Colors include fun shades like Tap This, Pop My Cherry and Vamp.

With makeup artists quality products you are sure to get the look you want. And Face Front Cosmetics will make your face, conscience and wallet feel good. Using only the best ingredients and minerals will keep your face feeling and looking its best. You can feel good about your purchase because these products are cruelty free. And as an added bonus your wallet will feel good with reasonable prices and the fact that online shipping is always free. Now they can’t promise you will look like Beyonce but you can have access to top quality products like she does.


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