minna_fuschia.jpgLadies in the know are shifting out of neutrals and into bold and beautiful colors for the spring and summer months. Pretty in pink and gorgeous green, bags from the Bryna Nicole line are perfect for those looking to get in on the neon color trend. We talked to the designer behind the brand to find out more about the bags that are sure to turn heads this season.

Q: How did the Bryna Nicole handbag line come about?
I have always been obsessed with fashion and shopping and when I couldn’t find a cool handbag that was great quality, had great style and that wasn’t plastered with a company logo all over it, I decided to make my own!

Q: What’s been the hardest part about launching your own line and what makes it all worth it
The hardest part about launching my own line is having to balance all the different parts of running a company all by myself. I have had to learn to prioritize and to realize that if I don’t do it, it won’t get done! It is wonderful to be able to take full responsibility for a great design and for a thriving company.

Q: Your bags come in such bold colors for Spring. What were you inspired by for the season?
The bright spring/summer collection was definitely inspired by my past year of planning my wedding! We were married in September so the entire spring season was created in the midst of floral appointments and cake tastings that made it difficult to choose any drab colors!

Q: We know that accessories have the potential to completely transform a look. What key items would encourage women to invest in?
I would encourage women to invest in a great bag that isn’t necessarily an everyday bag. A bold color that you can pair with a neutral outfit can make a huge difference. My other staple accessories are stacks of necklaces.

Q: Do you have a personal favorite bag from your collection?
My favorite style is the Loyola Satchel. I am into carrying the white one every day now that it’s Spring. White goes with every outfit too! Before this one, I always wore it in either Black Croco or Grey from last season’s collection.

Q: What are a few of your signature design details? How can we spot a Bryna Nicole bag from a mile away?
Signature details include a braided strap that has a chain woven through the braid. Also using tonal leathers of different textures together: lamb or calfskins with patent, croco or suede seems to pop up frequently.

Q: Who do you have in mind when you’re designing your bags?
I design for a woman who has an enviable sense of style who sets trends but is also very classic and sophisticated. She’s a little bit eclectic but can put together completely different looks depending on her mood.

Q: If we were to look into your purse right now, what would we find?
In my bag is a Bryna Nicole makeup bag with about 4 lip glosses, eyeliner and a mirror, my wallet overstuffed with receipts, my Marc Jacobs sunglasses in their huge white case, a few pens, a pack of gum, my business card holder, my blackberry, a roll of quarters for the many parking meters in SF and a chunky ring of keys! No wonder I tend toward the biggest bag in the collection.

For more information on Bryna Nicole please visit www.brynanicole.com

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