Makeup Artist/Beauty Expert Cynde Watson has been making her mark on the beauty industry for over 15 years. From being crowned Miss New Jersey to Executive Director of Global Makeup Artistry for a leading prestige makeup brand to her currant role as a beauty expert, professional makeup artist and Creator of Color by Cynde Watson Cosmetics, It’s clear that beauty is Cynde’s calling. Clutch caught up with Cynde to learn more about her new career and exciting new cosmetic line.

Q: What inspired you to become a makeup artist? And how did you start in the business?
I was inspired to become a makeup artist when I was a model and the makeup artists couldn’t do my makeup properly. They couldn’t choose or mix the correct shade of foundation etc so I had to do it myself. After a while other models at the shoot or fashion show would ask which makeup artist did my makeup and I would say “I Did my own” and they would ask if I could make them look as good as me? That’s how I started doing makeup. I began in the business by assisting several top makeup artists at NO CHARGE so I worked for FREE…. and SEVERAL hours on the job training. I majored in fine arts in college which is why color and color theory comes so naturally for me.

Q: Tell us about your innovative cosmetic line, Color by Cynde Watson. What makes this collection so unique?
What makes my makeup collection unique is that all of my products: foundation, concealer, eye shadow, bronzer, highlighter, blush and lip color are all dual-ended pencils. I was inspired to create my makeup collection when I had my daughter Kennedy. When she was a baby (now four years old) she wouldn’t let me put her down in the morning so I could apply my makeup for work. She would start screaming if I put her down, so I had to put my makeup on with one hand. I didn’t have a live in nanny so I had to be ready to leave for work completely when the babysitter arrived at my door. The pencil concept came to me because I was only able to use eyeliner pencils as eye shadow and lip pencils as lip color and blush and concealer pencils as foundation etc. while getting ready for work with my daughter in on my left hip coloring my face with my right hand. What I knew I needed to do was to create a formula and a tool that would work in a pencil form to make life easier for multi-tasking women of all ages and nationalities.

Q: You are very much into health and nutrition, using only organic ingredients (the ingredients aren’t all organic). Will this consciousness eventually trickle down into creating a holistic skin care line?
I’ve always been health conscious however in the past year I have been eating 95 percent organic food and I’ve never looked or felt better. I am planning to add more natural ingredients to my products in the future, especially my skincare products.

Q: What are some obstacles and challenges that you’ve faced in your field since you began?
The major obstacle that I have faced in this industry has been people understanding that a creative makeup artist can also be powerful business women.

Q: You’ve worked with some amazing talents from Angela Bassett to Queen Latifah to Tyson Beckford. In addition, you’ve created runway looks for designers such as Badgley Mischka and Tracey Reese. Do you have a preference between working one-on-one with celebrity clients or working entire concepts for runway shows?
I enjoy working with both models and celebrities very much, however what I love the most is working with non-celebrity women to teach them the makeup techniques that will help them look and feel their best with more confidence.

Q: You have five minutes to glam the face of a client right before they walk onto the red carpet. What products do you pull out of your bag of tricks to give them a flawless look in only minutes?
I would pull out a few of my makeup pencils for face eyes and lips; they are the perfect makeup to give you flawless coverage, beautiful buildable color and precise application.

Q: What are some make-up mishaps that you often see?
The makeup mishaps that I often see are:
• Women using too much foundation (giving them the heavy mask look)
• Blotchy foundation
• Not using bronzer to warm and correct the skin
• Not knowing wear or how to apply blush
• Using lip liner that is too dark or applying a too thin line on the lips making the lips look tight and small
• Applying to much mascara giving them CLUMPY lashes
• Over tweezed eyebrows or eyebrows that are drawn on too dark


Q: What advice can you give to women when choosing the right? Foundation?
When choosing foundation make sure that you choose three shades on your jaw line blend them into the skin one at a time with clean fingers or use a sponge. The shade that disappears into the skin is the perfect shade. I also believe women should own at least two shades of foundation so they can consistently have the correct shade of foundation year long (summer months, winter months).

Q: What beauty product/treatment do you feel every woman should splurge on?
Women should splurge on skin treatment, foundation, concealer and professional eyebrow shaping.

Q: What is this Spring’s palette in terms of makeup?
Bright beautiful and vibrant shades of coral, lavender and green on the eyes and shimmery shades of plum, peach and nude on the lips.

Q: For women on a budget, what is the easiest thing they can do with make up that will have the biggest impact?
• Use dual purpose or dual ended makeup.
• Use a Foundation pencil or stick foundation that can double as a foundation and concealer.
• A bronzer with a highlighter in a dual-ended pencil or compact is great to use to give skin warmth and dimension.
• A blush that can also be used as a lip color.

Q: You have a beautiful daughter, how do you manage both career and family?
Thank you, she (Kennedy) is the most important person in my life. I manage my career and home life by being extremely organized, taking care of myself by eating healthy and exercising so I have the energy to entertain a four year old and I get great support from my husband Ken, my Mother Eleanor and sister-in-law Lanelle, and prayer always works.

Q: Aside from launching your fabulous makeup line, what can we expect in the near future from you?
I am working on a beauty book and an exciting TV project. Stay tuned.


For more information about Cynde Watson and Color by Cynde Watson please visit beauty.hsn.com .

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