87830.jpegThere are some things that are just classic. No matter how many times you stray to try new things, you always return to your old favorite. You have that favorite pair of jeans that fit you just right; that favorite candy bar that can get you through your strongest chocolate cravings with just enough sweetness and caramel; your favorite slow song that has gotten you through more long nights than you care to remember; and your favorite hair care product that you know you can turn to no matter what your hairstylist did to your hair or what the weather is trying to do.

For me that is Hamadi Shea Hair Cream All Around Styling Solution ($24, beauty.com). It’s just one of those products that I will turn to again and again no matter what. It is my classic hair product and has never failed to live up to it’s greatness. Made with 100% organic essential oils and plant extracts this super cream adds texture, separates and smooths. It works to enhance naturally curly or wavy hair but can be used to help straighten. It soothes damaged ends, calms frizzes and strengthens hair. This cream really does it all.

Hamadi Shea Hair Cream is a classic. Something that you will no doubt turn to again and again. Think of it as the classic little black dress for hair.

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