Nail Up: Crayola Box



Rihanna has stepped up her style in the past year, taking lots of chances in her wardrobe, hair and her nails. From yellow nail polish to hot pink, hot pink to baby blue and most recently green — Rihanna has made lots of women think about stepping up their nail polish game.

Last year, black nail polish was all the rave, then from there many of us have heard that gray is the new black and now…well who knows.

Straying away from your normal polish choice once in a while can be fun and a great way to express yourself. So ladies, next time you are at home preparing to do your nails or waiting at the shop trying to decide on the plethora of color choices you are presented with — we challenge you to think of your nails as a blank canvas and your color choice as a box of Crayons waiting to help you express yourself.

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