mb1.jpg I love all things customized. Customized clothing. Customized cars. Even customized bedding. Something about getting a product made just suited to your style and taste just screams high-end luxury. I even consider a customized pizza made the way you like it a luxury. But the thought of a customized skin care product never grossed my mind until I crossed paths with the MY BLEND product line by Dr. Oliver Courtin ($45+, saksfifthavenue.com).

Dr. Oliver Courtin a renowned French skin expert developed the first personalized luxury skin care products. By providing customized formulas for a woman’s individual and evolving needs at every stage of her life, he created a true breakthrough in skincare. This advanced concept is at the leading edge of beauty science because it provides a simple way to personalize skincare.

MY BLEND is compromised of three categories: The Essentials, The Emergency Boosters and The Specifics. The Essential formulas come in lotions and creams for day and night and are selected based on skin type. The Emergency Boosters contain pure actives, which can be blended into the Essential Formulas to address urgent skin needs. And the Specifics are a range of eight complementary products that includes cleaseners, treatments, eye creams and an SPF. And MY BLEND has developed Cell Synergy Complex, a patented peptide blend that boosts skin’s defense system and advances cell renewal and regeneration.

We our complex people with complex skincare needs. Our skincare products shouldn’t be a one size fits all. Fortunately, MY BLEND provides us with away to get everything your individual skin needs, every step of the way.

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