l_caf812da5f45e628a937ecb7a86eba91.jpg In 2006, they had everybody bouncing to their hit song “Do It to It,” featuring Sean P of YoungBloodz on their certified Gold debut album Unappreciated. Now sisters Farrah, Neosha, and twins Felisha and Fallon- collectively known as R&B girl group Cherish, are ready to air out their dirty laundry on their sophomore album, The Truth. Cherish talks with Clutch about being a woman on the rebound, shopping in Atlanta, and the one beauty item that they can’t live without.

Clutch: Your album The Truth is set to drop this month, what is the album going to be like?
Cherish: It’s definitely personal and much more mature than the last album. We named the album The Truth because it’s different aspects of our own lives that we put into our music. So we’re actually airing out our dirty laundry.

Clutch: How is it going to be different from your last album?
Cherish: It has the same topics; we’re just getting a little more in depth. We’re putting situations in our music that we’ve actually been through in our own lives.

Clutch: How do you feel about being one of the only R&B girl groups representing right now?
Cherish: We honestly feel blessed that we’ve been given a chance like this. A lot of people in the industry don’t really accept a lot of female girl groups. One thing about us is that we’re sisters and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. We’re definitely going to represent for the ladies because nobody is really representing for the groups of the past.

Clutch: Did the concept for your second single “Amnesia” come from one of your personal experiences?
Cherish: Actually, it did. It was definitely a personal situation. What woman on the rebound can’t relate to a situation where she doesn’t want to move on to this new relationship even though he’s gonna treat her wonderfully? She can’t move on because she was burned in the past, which is a past that she can’t get over it right now.

Clutch: You are all very pretty and fly young ladies, so I know the fellas are dying to know your relationship statuses.
Cherish: We’re definitely focused on our careers right now. We date occasionally but at the same time, we’re focused on our careers.

Clutch: Of all of the sisters, who gives the best relationship advice?
Felisha: Neosha. That’s one thing I love about her, she has the best heart out of all of us when it comes to relationships and she gives the best advice. She’s probably the sister who we all go to for advice.

Clutch: Has anyone of you had a bad break up moment?
Felisha: I’ve been through a bad break up and so have a couple of my other sisters. But I think that time heals all wounds and [time] can make you forget about a person. You cry, you laugh and you get over it. That’s one thing that we’ve been able to accept.

Clutch: Since you all are from Atlanta, can you tell us your favorite stores to hit up when you’re in town?
Cherish: One of our shopping places is Little Five Points. We go to a lot of vintage stores. Besides that, we go to Lenox Mall and we stop at the Sunglass Hut because we gotta stay framed out.

Clutch: Do you have any favorite trends right now?
Cherish: Skinny jeans and anything that hangs off the shoulder.

Clutch: Do you have any favorite designers?
Cherish: Sometimes we can go to a vintage store in Little Five Points and find our double zeros in stock, but when we can’t we use our stylist. Her name is Ellie Mae and we usually wear her skinny jeans. She has the perfect jeans!

Clutch: Can you share a beauty secret with us that you always use?
Cherish: One thing that we really love is Proactiv. It’s the best if you want clear skin. We use it whenever we feel a pimple coming on.

Clutch: When you’re headed to the club to celebrate the release of your sophomore album The Truth, what’s in your clutch?
Cherish: iPods, Sidekick or cell phone, sunglasses, and credit cards.

To learn more about Cherish please visit www.cherishsisters.com and www.myspace.com/cherishsisters

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