artclintonindianagi.jpgA new national poll suggests the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination between Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is a tie. Forty-six percent of registered Democratic voters questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Thursday support Obama as their party’s nominee and 45 percent back Clinton. It’s a statistical tie when taking into account the poll’s 4.5 percentage point sampling error on that question. “In mid-March, Obama had a 52 percent to 45 percent edge over Clinton, but his support has dropped six points while she has not gained any ground,” said Keating Holland, CNN polling director.

He said “6 percent now volunteer that they want neither one to be the nominee; no Democrats in the March poll felt that way.” “Obama has lost his edge,” said Bill Schneider, CNN senior political analyst. “Is it because of the controversy over his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright? While most Democrats have an unfavorable opinion of Wright, only 19 percent say Wright’s statements have made them less favorable to Obama. More than two thirds say they’ve had no effect at all.” (Continue Reading…)

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  • 410MAN

    Isn’t it sad that a candidates Pastor will sway some peoples reasoning. I quess that’s why the majority of the Country voted Bush in for 2 terms, since he drinks beer and is a ordinary guy. lol What a great country this is! Uniformed people will be swayed by anything! If you are still on the fence at this point in the race about the Democratic Senators you plan to vote for, then you will be swayed by anything.

    I wonder out loud, if Obama was a white male would people still be on the fence? I think i know the answer. But yet, Obama somehow has to defend himself to otherwise racist people. lol Does it matter that Hillary and Bill are deep in scandel and lawsuits. The Republicans are licking their chops, hoping for Hillary. They have truck loads of dirt to dump on the Clintons. This will be round 2 of the beat down on the Clintons. Her whole term will be mired in trouble, because the Republicans want at them.

    God Bless this mess! How much is gas? How many troops have died in Iraq? How much is milk? How much is my healthcare? But what is CNN and the other networks leading off with, “Will Rev. Wright hurt Obama’s chances amongst white voters?” lol WOW, some white people really don’t get. It’s not all about you!!! But maybe if you realized that, you could get along with the majority of the non-white World!!!

    All you white Christians and Jews, wouldn’t be nice to go to Jerusalem and not worry about getting kidnapped and your head cut-off on You Tube? Maybe our great-grand kids will see that day. If we stop picking Presidents out of ignorance and get informed. Don’t let political mud-slinging determine your vote. Vote on the issues and the candidates that seems to give you the best oppourtunity to get it done. Maybe would should say Good Luck America, instead of God Bless America. Because, I don’t think God is blessing this mess!!!!

  • Joe Canada

    I would like to offer my outsiders opinion of this democratic nomination quagmire by pointing out something that I have not seen mentioned much in any blogs that I have perused: How can anyone have any respect for Hillary Clinton after her choice to stay with Bill after the countless embarrassing and humiliating acts he engaged in? Sure, some might think she did the right thing by forgiving him and standing by him, but in reality, she probably figured she needed him around to prop up her political future. Which brings me to my next point, this woman will do or say anything to win votes. She has a demonic look about her when she speaks publicly, look at the picture at the top of this page!! The Clinton’s are nothing more than power hungry, morally depraved people. It’s 3 am and your children are sleeping, the phone rings in the White House, it’s a pimp looking for his money sucka!!

  • This news story is so old it is starting to smell. Everything is different now. Please update this or I will never return.