dailyphoto080521.jpgWyclef launches new initiative to help Haiti
Haitian-born hip-hop star Wyclef Jean launched a new initiative to help his impoverished homeland on Tuesday following last month’s deadly food riots. The initiative is aimed at raising $48 million over the next six months to fund expanded food distribution, job creation and assistance for farmers in the poorest country in the Americas. Dubbed “Together For Haiti” it is backed by the World Food Program, the Pan American Development Foundation and Yele Haiti, Jean’s charitable foundation for Haiti. (Continue Reading…)

Rev. Al Sharpton’s favorite Nas cut
Rev. Al Sharpton is cheered to hear Nas has given up on calling his new CD “N-.” The Queens rapper just announced that he was abandoning the N-word title – mostly, we hear, because he feared the big chains wouldn’t sell the CD. “I see this as a partial victory,” says Sharpton, who has been among those calling for hip-hoppers to stop using the racist epithet. “The record companies have to consider the downside of using it, businesswise. That would not have happened if we hadn’t protested.” (Continue Reading…)

Children starving, again, in Ethiopia
This year’s poor rains have nearly killed Bizunesh. The 3-year-old weighs less than 10 pounds. Her long limbs, weak and folded like a praying mantis, cannot carry even her slight weight. She cannot speak. She doesn’t want to eat. Health officials say she is permanently stunted. Bizunesh — whose name, sadly, means “plentiful” — is one of untold numbers of children hit by this year’s double blow of a countrywide drought and skyrocketing global food prices that has brought famine, once again, to Ethiopia. (Continue Reading…)

NY Police Charge Seven Officers in Groom Shooting
Seven New York police officers involved in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man on his wedding night are facing internal disciplinary action, a police spokesman said on Tuesday. All seven men are due to face hearings, New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne said. A month ago a New York state judge cleared two officers of manslaughter and a third of reckless endangerment in the death of Sean Bell, 23, who was shot, along with two friends, after a bachelor party at a strip club in November 2006. (Continue Reading…)

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