dailyphoto080530.jpgMurphy to Return as ‘Beverly Hills Cop’
If Indiana Jones can make a successful comeback after almost 20 years, why not the Beverly Hills Cop? Paramount Pictures has given the go-ahead for a fourth installment of its “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise, with Eddie Murphy on board to return to the role that launched his movie career, the studio said on Thursday. Brett Ratner, the filmmaker behind the similarly themed “Rush Hour” movies starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, is in negotiations to direct the latest “Beverly Hills Cop” adventure, a Paramount spokesman said. (Continue Reading…)

R. Kelly Trial Day 6: Forensic Expert “Marks” Kelly W/ Damning Testimony
Defense attorneys in the R. Kelly trial took a blow yesterday as a forensic expert pointed out a mark on the back of the man in the sex tape, which may account for Kelly’s mole. It was Kelly’s defense team that originally introduced the mole in their opening statements last week; arguing that the man on the tape did not have one and therefore it was not their client. According to the AP, today in court, video forensics expert Grant Fredericks analyzed several frozen frames of the sex tape which revealed a dark mark on the man’s back. Fredericks compared the still frames to a photo taken of Kelly’s back after his arrest in 2002, where a dark fingernail sized mole is evident. (Continue Reading…)

Obama Campaign Used Party Rules to Foil Clinton
Unlike Hillary Rodham Clinton, rival Barack Obama planned for the long haul.Clinton hinged her whole campaign on an early knockout blow on Super Tuesday, while Obama’s staff researched congressional districts in states with primaries that were months away. What they found were opportunities to win delegates, even in states they would eventually lose. Obama’s campaign mastered some of the most arcane rules in politics, and then used them to foil a front-runner who seemed to have every advantage — money, fame and a husband who had essentially run the Democratic Party for eight years as president. (Continue Reading…)

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