dailyphoto080506.jpgTD Jakes: Press is Distracting Churches
The blood-washed church for which Jesus died is not relegated to one group or another, nor is it held hostage by politics or ethnicity. It is a breathing, living testament to God’s love and grace. It serves its community where it is located and is aware of the needs and nuances of that community. However, its relevance and vision must go beyond its community and reach the world for which Christ died. Today as the church moves from its introspective posture to a broader role in politics, business, media and impacting societal ills, it has the dubious and daunting task of doing so without losing its core function. Like all such organizations that cease to be intrinsically focused, it runs the risk of being totally misunderstood and misaligned. (Continue Reading…)

Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s pastor, ‘stole my wife’
Delmer Reed has told friends he believed it was no coincidence that his former wife, Ramah, divorced him and married Mr Wright shortly after the Chicago pastor gave him advice on their troubled marriage in the early 1980s. Roosevelt Thomas, a lawyer who handled the Reeds’ divorce in 1983, confirmed to the New York Post that Mr Reed long believed Rev Wright moved in on his wife after counselling them. The allegation, which is flatly denied by the Wright family, compounds the embarrassment that Mr Obama has already suffered from his links with Rev Wright. (Continue Reading…)

Haiti Riot Instigators Set Deadline to Install PM
Slum leaders in the southern town of Les Cayes who started Haiti’s recent food riots handed lawmakers an ultimatum on Monday to install a new government within a week or face more protests. Jean Rene Frazil, an organizer of last month’s street demonstrations, told Haitian President Rene Preval and parliament that renewed protests could be more violent than last month’s unrest across the impoverished Caribbean country. (Continue Reading…)

Matriarch of Racially Mixed Marriages Dies
Mildred Loving, a black woman whose challenge to Virginia’s ban on interracial marriage led to a landmark Supreme Court ruling striking down such laws nationwide, has died, her daughter said Monday. Peggy Fortune said Loving, 68, died Friday at her home in rural Milford. She did not disclose the cause of death. “I want (people) to remember her as being strong and brave yet humble — and believed in love,” Fortune told The Associated Press. (Continue Reading…)

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