toni12.jpgMorrison Clarifies ‘First Black President’
She’s won the Pulitzer and Nobel prizes and recently received the PEN/Borders Literary Service Award. A new collection of her nonfiction, What Moves at the Margin, is out now. Toni Morrison will now take your questions. How did you discover your passion for writing? —Roderick Yang, Seattle
My deepest passion was reading. At some point—not early, I was 35 or 36—I realized there was a book that I wanted very much to read that really hadn’t been written, and so I sort of played around with it in trying to construct the kind of book I wanted to read. (Continue Reading…)

Sharpton: Philly police beating ‘worse than Rodney King’
The Rev. Al Sharpton called a videotaped police beating of three shooting suspects in Philadelphia “worse than Rodney King,” prompting the city’s police commissioner to chide anyone “fanning flames … from afar.” The civil rights activist made the comments Thursday as he interviewed the mother of one of the suspects on his radio show. Thirteen police officers have been taken off street duty as police investigate the television news footage, according to Lt. Frank Vanore, a police spokesman. The video shows officers kicking, punching and beating the three black men during a traffic stop Monday. (Continue Reading…)

Clinton Touts Support of ‘Hardworking White Americans’
Her voice raspy, her tone determined, Hillary Rodham Clinton urged her supporters in Sioux Falls, South Dakota Thursday to ignore the political pundits who have declared her toast. The former first lady raced into a long West Virginia-to-the-West Coast campaign day, declaring she would move forward with her presidential effort and insisting anew that she, not Barack Obama, would be the stronger Democratic candidate to face Republican John McCain in November. (Continue Reading…)

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