03-26-2008_08-12-132.jpgAre you an Office Tramp? Well according to design team Gina & Adriana the college friends who founded the hot jewelry line you just might be…

“Office Tramp Definition – a young female working hard for $$$$ at some boring job to pay for the 3 essentials in life: Rent, Bills, and Fashion!!!”

Stuck behind a desk all day at some humdrum office job? Well Gina & Adriana deliver with these bold and flashy accessories that’ll be sure to stir up a little 9 to 5 fashion controversy.

Q: Tell us the inspiration behind Office Tramp Jewelry.
The Office Tramp style is about NEVER BEING BORING; taking wardrobe, professional, and life risks. Inspiration for each Office Tramp piece definitely comes from our everyday lives as young professional females who are slightly rebellious, plenty independent, and a whole lotta flashy. We know there are a lot of girls out there like us, so we design for them! We also draw a lot of our inspiration from bold vintage jewelry looks of the 50’s, 60’s, and 80’s and of course timeless fashion icons of the past. You can never really go wrong when taking a cue from icons like Audrey Hepburn or Coco Channel. :-)

Q: Ugh! Some 9 to 5’s can be pretty dreadful to a fashionista! So what are the tell tale signs one might be an Office Tramp?
Haha…yes! Unfortunately, some of us might be at a 9-5 that could be a boring from time to time. We like to say, “Just because your job is boring doesn’t mean you to have to be!” Whether she is a CEO, entrepreneur, artist, student, or secretary, an OT girl is definitely not afraid to get noticed for her bold wardrobe and professional choices. She loves mixing up her look with glam, a little bit of humor, kitsch, and of course bling. An Office Tramp can be pointed out in a crowd for her sense of style, individuality, smarts, and confidence.

Q: With some of your pieces worn by The Cool Kids, what design elements makes OT comfortable to be worn by anyone?
Well, first of all we gotta say that we love the fact that dudes are down to rock Office Tramp!!! We firmly believe that you don’t have to conform to a style that is expected of you…guy or girl…if you like something, wear it with confidence and know you look good in it! Our designs are unique and made with the intent to be that “finishing touch” to any outfit. We design with the everyday young fashionista in mind, the girl who wants to buy a quality fashion pieces that will add flavor to her wardrobe, but won’t break the bank.


Q: Overall, what pieces have become the most popular? What do you think made them the most appealing?
Over the past few years we’ve noticed that all of the bigger, bolder, and flashier pieces have been the most popular ( just the way we like it! ). These pieces are definitely conversation starters. This season the banger has been our Vintage Reading Glasses necklace. The uniqueness, quality, versatility, and of course affordable prices are why these pieces have been the most sought after.

Q: What can the Office Tramps of the world expect from your next collection?
More hotness! We are so thankful for the reaction we received to our “Working Girl” Collection and are very excited to follow it up with an amazing fall collection. This is just the beginning!

The “9-5″ Phones Long Necklace, $60The “9-5″ Phone Bracelet, $50The “9-5″ Pendulum Clocks Necklace, $702008 Collection

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