hana.jpg‘Tis the season for pretty floral prints and shoes by Hetty Rose present an environmentally conscious way to embrace the trend. For designer Henrietta Rose Samuels, eco-chic is more than just a buzzword, environmental sustainability is the basis on which the bespoke shoe company is built. Re-using vintage materials along with leather and natural leather soles Henrietta has set out to make the world aware of the availability of fine hand crafted footwear made in Britain.

Her most recent shoe collection makes use of hand selected Japanese Kimono fabrics, each representing a special meaning through color or design. Undeniably distinctive, Henrietta’s design aesthetic definitely makes a colorful statement and that’s exactly what fans of the brand have come to appreciate.

hetty11.jpg The designer offers custom made options in a range of styles and fabrics that are sure to rescue your feet from a life of boredom. Want to get your own Hetty Rose creation? It will take about 6 weeks for Henrietta to work her magic and have your little works of art at your doorstep.


To find stockists or to view the the collection visit www.hettyrose.co.uk

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