as_vhmain.jpgSilk, chiffon, cardboard, empty red bull cans and shopping bags. No, these aren’t the after effects of some wild party; they’re elements from the past collections of British-based line Avsh Alom Gur. Brilliantly and courageously shifting the world’s perception of “garbage”, designer Avshalom Gur continues to artistically challenge London’s industry norms. Having casted a fleet of all black runway models for his most recent London Fashion Week Show, Gur also forced light on the discouraging reality facing aspiring minority Brit models. Noted one of the UK’s most promising designers, Gur’s talent and experience equals that of a high fashion heavyweight.

Proving “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” a heavily urban influenced Avshalom Gur has become popular for magically transforming rubbish into couture. But, before the days of cardboard corsets and skirts made of crepe paper, a fresh out of college Gur held roles at Chloe, Roberto Cavalli, Nicole Farhi and Donna Karan. Wanting more the creatively restless young designer set out to blaze a trail of his own.


In 2005, Avsh Alom Gur, the collection was born. Within a year, the collection became a retail, press and celebrity fave and understandingly so. Inspiration from every season’s collection has directly translated into its pieces. The color and flamboyance of the Spring ’08 Collection brings to mind the wardrobe of a futuristic Marie Antoinette while Fall 08’s flowing earth toned gowns accessorized with capes and chunky jewels exude the poise of an African queen. Keeping practicality in mind, Gur also remembers the importance of “beautiful separates” by investing equal attention to the pieces women wear most comfortably and often.


In its third year of life, Avsh Alom Gur has become its own competition. Compelled to remain at the forefront of cutting edge design, each collection Gur creatively collaborates with some of London’s most talented and respected independent designers. Awarded the Top Shop & British Fashion Council New Generation Award for three seasons and hailed as one of London’s hottest young designers in numerous fashion and culture forward publications, Gur’s star is steadily shining brighter for the fashion world to see.avsh2.jpg

For more information on Avsh Alom Gur please visit www.avshalomgur.com

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