new-media-tan-hat1.jpg At the beginning of 2008, I made a vow not to use the words grown and sexy in the same sentence since it seemed so cliché, but one of the most consistent males in R&B just made me break that rule. Singer and songwriter Jaheim is now sporting a new, very grown and sexy look that’s a real contrast from the “R&B-thug” image that we’ve been used to seeing since his 2001 debut album Ghetto Love. “I’m not getting any younger,” says the 30-year-old crooner. “It’s good to be in the hip-hop game, but I’m an R&B artist and I sing.

Even though he agrees that 30 is the new 20, Jaheim also believes that people are destined to change once they hit that landmark age. “The fact of the matter is that you change a lot of things at 30 because we get stubborn and stuck in our ways,” explains Jaheim.

He might be stuck in his ways, but that didn’t keep him from maintaining a positive attitude while he was in transition from Divine Mill/Warner Bros. Records to Atlantic Records.

“I always was ready, willing and able to make things happen,” says Jaheim. “Things just didn’t go my way, but I didn’t give up and I didn’t quit”

With a soothing voice that won’t allow you to turn your radio dial, Jaheim mesmerized us with his leading single “Never,” off of his fourth studio album The Making’s of a Man. He then followed up with ballad “I’ve Changed,” featuring R&B siren Keyshia Cole, which speaks to all of the things that we’re willing to do for new-found love. “The biggest change I’ve made for a woman is anything that will get me to the next level with her. If you’re not willing to change, there’s always someone else out there waiting,” explains Jaheim. “Basically, I gotta change for you and you gotta change for me and we’re gonna make this work for the both of us.”

Armed with a compromising disposition and the willingness to make it work, you can only wonder if a woman is currently occupying coveted space in Jaheim’s heart. “I’ve had a special friend in my life for the past three and a half years,” he admits. “I’m getting older; I can’t be a bachelor forever.”

After breaking thousands of hearts with that statement, Jaheim continues to explain how much he loves kids and wants to have some in the future. Until that day, he’s hard at work giving back to his community through his foundation Urban Dreams. The foundation is a youth outreach initiative that also builds affordable housing in the Newark, NJ area. “I always tell people that [they] can have the same thing if [they] just hang in there,” he says.

To learn more about Jaheim please visit www.jaheimmusic.com and www.myspace.com/jaheim

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  • Daphne Tyree


    Great Article on my favorite R&B Artist
    You know I love Jaheim’s music.
    I would have Ghetto Love and Still Ghetto in my 3 CD Player it would be the only thing playing ,
    while we play spades.

    Jaheim, I’m so happy with your change & Album “The Making of a Man”.
    Stay strong & positive, good luck with your friend and having kids..
    Can’t wait for you to come to Toledo, OH
    And please don’t say NEVER

    One of Your Fans

    Sheena Love You More!
    Your Mother….

  • Khadija

    Man…..Jaheim IS THE MAN! Oooooo! I love him to death. My fiance and I have been together for a little over 6 yrs. And MAN! Let me tell you! Jaheim has definitely been on repeat mode in our household…!! (lol) He and I both can’t get enough of him [Jaheim]. He [Jaheim] not only swept me off my feet with his “thuggish” finesse and strong deep voice, but his style is exactly what I like…..simple. Nothing too extravagant. Just enough to catch some occasional eye stares. Jaheim mos def has a sound I could listen to for hours on end………and never get tired.

    (p.s. donnell jones used to be another r&b singer i’d fallen for…..whatever happen to him I wonder??)

    Much love!~

  • I agree, Jaheim is the man! But I think I’ll miss the “ghetto love” look. And yes, whatever happened to Donnell Jones. I liked him as well.