projectsweatfree_brochure.jpgAllergan, Inc. has partnered with fashion designer Kara Saun (“Project Runway”) and GenArt Fresh Faces in Fashion on a public health campaign called “Project: Sweat Free,” designed to raise awareness about excessive underarm sweating, the effect that it can have on women’s fashion choices, and available treatment options that can help women manage their severe underarm sweating.

For women with excessive underarm sweating, the most common complaint is that they do not have the freedom to wear the clothes that they would like to wear, and that they must dress to accommodate their sweating. For example, they wear only black or dark colors so that sweat stains don’t show, avoid silk at all costs, dress in loose clothing and are reluctant to buy fashionable clothes because they could be ruined after one wearing.

“I am thrilled to be involved in the “Project: Sweat Free” health education campaign, because it is an opportunity for me to talk about what many in the fashion world consider a taboo topic – excessive underarm sweating can be a serious medical condition that affects many men and women across the country. I consider myself a very action-oriented person, and I want to urge people who feel that their sweating is impacting their daily activities and choices to not be embarrassed about it and speak to their dermatologist about appropriate treatment options.”

To learn more about Project: Sweat Free please visit www.projectsweatfree.com

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