1024x768_satc_2.jpg1024x768_satc_6.jpgAlmost everyone I know is anxiously awaiting the release of Sex and the City this Friday. Women across the world will gather with their closest friends and flock to the nearest theater. Laughs will be shared, shoes will be ogled and outfits will be drooled over. How is it that the women in Sex and the City always look so flawless and beautiful. From their outfits to their skin Charlotte, Miranda, Sam and Carrie always have to look their best.

face_cleansing_img.jpgOne of the ladies, Kristin Davis who plays Charlotte on screen, shares her secret to achieving flawless skin. The secret is the amazing skincare line AHAVA (Ahavaus.com). Kristin uses products such as AHAVA’s Cleansing Milk ($24), Purifying Mud Mask ($28) and Age-Defying All Day Moisture SPF 15 ($52), to keep her skin looking fresh and vibrant everyday. The Dead Sea minerals, salts, and botanicals in the products help her maintain her signature healthy glow and fresh appearance even in the midst of her hectic celebrity lifestyle. The products work to help skin experience renewed elasticity, to feel healthier and softer. And if it’s good enough for Charlotte then it’s good enough for me. Have fun at the movies this weekend ladies!!!

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