artobamablitzercnn.jpgSen. Barack Obama said Thursday that the most important thing he could achieve as president would be to deal with Iraq and the threat of al Qaeda in Afghanistan while improving “our influence around the world.” In his first interview since the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, Obama said he thinks the United States’ influence around the world has been diminishing. “The world wants to see the United States lead. They’ve been disappointed and disillusioned over the last seven, eight years,” he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in an interview on “The Situation Room.”

“I think there is still a sense everywhere I go that if the United States regains its sense of who it is and our values and our ideals, that we will continue to set the tone for a more peaceful and prosperous world.”
Obama said he thinks the way the war in Iraq has been handled has kept the United States from focusing on key issues like energy policy, global warming and the economy. (Continue Reading…)

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