oki1.jpgWhether you’re in the market for an updated trench to fight off the morning chill or a swanky maxi dress to throw on during the summer months Fela Oki and Quinn Clemmons, the gentlemen entrepreneurs behind Okistyles.com, has got it covered. The virtual doors of this online boutique opened in March with a well edited selection of must have pieces that will keep fashion savvy ladies looking effortlessly and economically stylish.

Q:Who is behind Oki styles?
The person behind the Oki Styles is Fela Oki (Owner/Ceo) 25-year-old male from New Jersey and Quinn Clemmons 26 year old male from Virginia.

Q:What inspired you to start the site?
Basically the inspiration came from a business perspective first and blending it with my appreciation for females and their style. I feel the way a female dresses is so sexy! You would think it’s kind of awkward for a “STRAIGHT” male to be launching a female online boutique. Pretty much, I just adore the sexiness and styling of a female, which I feel is attractive. I can always appreciate a female with a natural good sense of style, to me it’s a turn on! Then the concept of it being online came from just considering the most effective way to get it to the masses. What better way than doing it online and marketing.

Q:What are some of your favorite items on the site and why?
All right, I have a few items I’m biased to! I like the Famosa Orange and Blue Pleated Tent Dress! To me that dress is not for everyone, it’s sort of like that vacation dress or dress that’s made for the sun! Then you have the Short trench jackets! I feel those speak for itself, very sleek, it’s classic! Also, there are a few new pieces for the summer that will be on the site soon.

Q:What do you predict will be flying off of the virtual shelves for spring/summer?
The dresses will be a great hit!

Q:Your site features emerging/underground designers. Are there any up- and- comers we should be on the look out for?
I think the Loyal Army line is something refreshing. We have an assortment of the tees and the line is less than three years old, and not many people know about them yet. They make fun graphic animated playful items that will be a great addition to your summer wardrobe!

Q:What kind of customer shops at Oki styles?
Okistyles’ target audience is females 18-30, late teens to contemporary adults who want that club feel, red carpet effect, after work outfit, or edgy street wear! I try to cover many walks of a women’s style. I aim it in that direction because I am fully aware of a female’s shopping habit also.

Q:How would you describe your personal style?
Simple but sexy, sassy, sleek, edgy and very fashion savvy!

Q: What should our readers know about your boutique?
Pretty much, there are many online boutiques available. Okistyles is still at its early stages. You would want to shop Okistyles because we provide that “It” effect that’s undeniable. The styling is unique and there are a wide variety of styles. Most of all, Okistyles.com has that sleek, sassy, sexy feel with an edge.


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