welove1.jpgThe best way to describe my hair most days is that it is a mix between hurricane, a lightening storm and a stack of dry hay. Those are the good days. Since growing out my perm nine years ago I have struggled with how to control and tame my unruly hair. I have tried every product on the market and every trick in the book. With each tip I have been given, nothing has worked. So I give up, wash my hair and pull it back in a bun.

So when I heard about Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding ($7-$38, missjessies.com) I was really skeptical but being the product hound that I am, I vowed to give it a chance. The package claimed that this creamy concoction transformed shrunken curls, kinks and waves into super shiny stretched out trussed. It is specially formulated to stretch out, soften and elongate curls without the “crunch” factor. It talked a good game but I would be the judge if it really could fulfill its promise. If it could do those things with my hurricane hair it could do it with anybody’s.

After showering and combing through my hair I applied the crème from root to tip in small sections. Making sure I got the ends because my ends tend to get frizzy. Then I let it air dry. After an hour I went to the bathroom mirror and to my surprise my hair looked soft with perfectly defined curls. A blend of Macadamian and Almond Oil added shine while the Shea Butter added moisture to my dry hair. My curls have never looked so well defined and curly. I felt like I was looking at some one else in the mirror. It actually delivered. I had the hair I had been trying to get for almost the last decade.

Miss Jessie’s has a complete line of product. And judging on the Curly Pudding I am going to give all of them a try. If the other products work as well as the Pudding did I will let you know in future features. Until then if you’re rocking a natural do’ you have to try Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!

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  • Sharon

    AMEN!!!! I have been using Curly Pudding on my hair and it is a Godsend!

  • Shanda

    A must get. Nothing works on my hair. Nothing. I am going to have to grab some soon.

  • Narcisa

    I am a Fan of this hairline. I have been using it since i first went natural. I use the curly pudding every time i two-strand twist my hair, then i use the buttercreme when i take then out. This is the best stuff ever!!

  • Shah

    Ok, so i’ve been natural all my life and have always wanted to wear my hair in a ‘fro…my only set back is the thought of combing my hair at the end of the day- OUCH! after a complete day of being out and free, my hair is completely un-combable (if that is even a word). So, I am always looking for a product….will this line help? will i be able to put it in my hair and wear my hair out all day with no worries??? and does it have a product that will help me slick my hair back (becuz i swear my hair is unslickable)

  • Mimi

    I have been using Miss jessie’s products for the past three years (when I first learned about it from O Magazine) and I cannot imagine using any other product out there! My curls are just “right”. My hair is “fine” and takes to the products very well. I recommend this line to all women who wear their hair naturally!!

    I just need them to open a shop in DC REAL SOON!!!!