obamamos2601_468x623.jpgBlack Women Rally to Michelle Obama
Cal Thomas said on Fox News last week that black women on television “are usually angry about something,” and singled out Michelle Obama, who also has made the cover of National Review as an angry “Mrs. Grievance,” and been referred to by Michelle Malkin as her husband’s “bitter half.” With the predominantly white feminist movement still smarting about the loss of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, black women have risen to Mrs. Obama’s defense. Even as Mrs. Obama appeared on ABC’s “The View” in an effort to “soften” her image, one trio of black women launched a Web site, MichelleObamawatch.com., to monitor the coverage of the woman already disparaged as a “Baby Mama,” a racist and an unpatriotic radical. Comedian Whoopi Goldberg, a panelist on “The View,” thanked Mrs. Obama for “helping to change a perspective of black women,” particularly “dark black women,” who too often are shown on television “with no teeth … and unable to string two sentences together.” (Continue Reading…)

African leaders call on G8 to honor aid pledge
African leaders urged the Group of Eight rich nations on Monday to keep promises to help their continent and pleaded with them to remember that soaring oil and food prices were making their poverty worse. The G8 has been accused by activists of reneging on the promise made at its 2005 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, to double aid by 2010 to $50 billion, half of which would go to Africa. “Some African leaders just wanted to emphasize that while appreciating G8 leaders’ commitment to help Africa in past G8 summits, they just wanted to point that they would like to see these commitments fully implemented,” Japanese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kazuo Kodama said. (Continue Reading…)

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