00030f.jpgWhat do you get when you blend an assortment of the most high quality fabrics with beautiful prints and draping? The result… FASHION FIREWORKS!

The fashion world has been in awe since the reveal of the 6267 Spring/Summer Collection. Determined to prove themselves as a formidable force amongst a sea of emerging designers, the collection became one of the most acclaimed on the International Chic scene. What appears simple is actually the most avant garde. The collection’s cultural fusion theme, mixes American 1950’s couture with traditional Asian silk pants and blouses. The visually deceptive cuts and layering are both slimming and accentuating.

6267 designers Roberto Romandi and Tommaso Aquilano, manage to create the most classic shapes in the most complex of ways. How could this collection not be considered one of the season’s best? Get inspired and try some of these looks yourself this summer!

For more information about 6267 please visit www.castor-moda.it


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