14856952columbusocialite9242007103044am.jpgPower. Allure. Mystery. Only a few words that embody the magnetism of an Aminaka Wilmont Collection. Having carved sensuality into the typical construction of a couture collection, duo Maki Aminaka and Marcus Wilmont have blurred that severe line between avant garde and ready-to-wear. Their matrimonial aptitude for structure and silhouette exude the passion of fashions most influential. Destined for their own legendary success, the international fashion scene sits awaiting their next collection.

A match made in design heaven, the award winning couple met while working for renowned British designer Robert Cary-Williams before launching Aminaka Wilmont in 2006. Aminaka having studied women’s wear and Wilmont having studied men’s wear, knew that by combining their skill, technique and love for avant garde, they’d create collections both expertly tailored and timeless. Their last collection, “A Philosophy on Shape” found use of monochrome colored fabrics, leathers and hoods to achieve a futuristic urban feel. Their signature goddess dresses, exceptionally structured jackets and varying shades of gray prove more empowering than safe. A soft lightweight cotton and chiffon parka and summer jersey dress were added as limited edition pieces to the collection.

Fashion Fringe/Spring/Summer 2008


Jokingly inspired by serial killers, the couple actually pulls most of their inspiration from the controlled commotion of life in London. Their use of leather, layering, chiffon and graphics purposely demonstrate that the chaotic lifestyles of the UK can indeed coexist resulting in a collection undeniably beautiful. “For us fashion is about breathing life into what’s inside our heads.” tells Wilmont. And in 2007, the couple was praised for that passionate expressive execution. Awarded with the Fashion Fringe Trophy by fashion icon Tom Ford, Aminaka Wilmont was recognized as one of fashion’s most innovative new labels.

When asked what to expect next, Wilmont responded “We mixed Manga heroines with Tron” referring to their Fall 08/Winter 09 collection. Joining the ranks of fashion’s brightest worldwide, Aminaka Wilmont have already garnered a few high fashion followers from Naomi Campbell to Vanity Fair Fashion Director Elizabeth Saltzman and are bound for acclaim beyond their imaginings.

Fall 2008 Ready-To-Wear


For more Aminaka Wilmont visit their website at www.aminakawilmont.com

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