Jack Davey is one half of J*DaVeY, the Los Angeles based duo that seems to be en route to becoming superstars. Jack comes from a long line of strong female energy like Betty Davis, Grace Jones & Annie Lennox. She’s a fashion maven, truth sayer & a sex kitten who sings, emcees, DJs and plays a mean tambourine. Jack took some time off from promoting J*DaVeY’s independent release “The Beauty In Distortion/The Land Of The Lost” (Interdependent Media) to chat it up with Clutch.

Clutch: Your debut album is entitled Land of the Lost, tell us how you chose that name.
Jack: It’s just something that popped into my head. I kept imagining some sort of electronic teenage wasteland, some hybrid of Prince’s Sign O The Times stage and F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. At the same time it has something to do with the idea of Hollywood playing itself, therefore deeming it the land of the lost or the land of fake boobs, stars and flashing lights. We’re defending the city by giving people another perspective of what it’s like to live here. Also, we like to think that this album serves as a tool to navigate through the mundane state of the music business aka the land of the lost.

Clutch: Who are some of your musical influences?
Jack: Jim Morrison, Prince, Miles Davis, Dale Bozzio.

Clutch: Life is a constant inspiration to artists: love, birth, loss, heartbreak. How has your life inspired your music?
Jack: Music is my life. I’m personally invested in everything I write, it may not always be a direct reflection of my personal experience, but everything I can imagine is real.

Clutch: You’ve worked with several producers in the past. What is it about your union with Brook that makes J*Davey a force not to be reckon with?
Jack: Brook and I have a synergy that transcends fear and ego. We’re completely open and uninhibited when we work together, we also give each other enough space to do what we each do brilliantly. We balance each other out; I’m always crazy and over the top, he’s mellow and put together. Yin and yang.

Clutch: Are there any tracks on the album that are your personal favorites?
Jack: I love “Dancehall” and “Venus to Mars” puts me in a trance. I can listen to it over and over again.

Clutch: There is an incredible energy when you’re on stage performing for your fans. How is that experience for you?
Jack: It used to be draining and rather nerve racking; I’d be up there staring into people’s faces trying to gauge some sort of positive response and when I didn’t get exactly what I was looking for I let it affect my flow. Now I’m really just going for it, completely zoning out, borderline hallucinating. It’s an unexplainable high.

Clutch: Now that you are signed to Warner Bros, how has the transition been from independent artist to signed artist?
Jack: Nothing has really changed. We’re still working just as hard, actually harder than we were before. Being signed doesn’t mean you can just sit back and let the label do all the work, we’ve had to guide the entire process. It’s been a rollercoaster, but enjoyable nonetheless.

l_c5e9fd5d752cf6554f0da47e0c1ada62.jpgClutch: There is a wonderful variety in your music. We don’t expect to hear just one sound from J*Davey. Do you find that most people are receptive to that or do they want to limit you to one sound, one musical genre?
Jack: Some people are receptive, others are not. People either love us or they don’t like us at all. I’d rather that than a lot of “on the fence” fans who could care either way. People are still getting used to us, so we still have some convincing to do and that’s cool.

Clutch: Will you be touring in the near future?
Jack: We’re actually trying to lock in tours as we speak. Possibly something in the late summer/early fall so stay tuned.

Clutch: What artists are currently in rotation in your CD player/iPod?
Jack: The Doors, Muhsinah, The Roots “Rising Down”, N.E.R.D “Seeing Sounds”, Reese 1 “Him 1979”, Black Morris mixtapes.

Clutch: You have an incredible fashion sense! How would you describe your style?
Jack: My style is anything goes. Each day I’m feeling something different and what I wear reflects that. Currently I’m wearing a lot of printed mini dresses, things that are easy to slip on and off. The higher the heel the better. Light accessories and messy hair because it’s summer sexy.

Clutch: Vintage boutique, thrift store or department store – which would you choose to shop at and why?
Jack: The vintage boutique. I’m all for classically old things.

Clutch: Who are some of your favorite designers?
Jack: Hedi Slimane, Rojas, Jeremy Scott.

Clutch: What item did you last splurge on?
Jack: My Guiseppe Zanotti patent leather wedges.

Clutch: What fashion trend needs to be on its way out?
Jack: None. Perhaps they just need to be reinvented. Out is always in.

Clutch: So it’s a night out on the town with the girls and you’re about to hit up the club. Your outfit is fabulous, hair is on point and to finish the look off you accessorize with a HOT clutch. Tell us, what are you carrying in it? What won’t you leave home without?
Jack: Pink Lemonade MAC lip glass, my Blackberry, I.D., cash, compact and an extra pair of panties. You never know what will happen . . .



For more of J*DaVeY please visit www.myspace.com/jdavey and www.jdaveybaby.com

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