For more than fifteen years, we’ve enjoyed the smooth ballads of the gorgeous Chante Moore. In 1992 we were singing along to Bobba ba, bobba ba ba ba…Now that love’s taken over me/What will I do/Now that loves taken over you/Baby I’ll show you/How it feels to live in ecstasy/Ecstasy, ecstasy/Now that love’s taken over (“Love’s Taken Over Precious, 1992). In 1999 “Chante’s Got A Man” (The Moment Is Mine) reminded us that good men do exists: “I can’t help it that your baby daddy’s creeping out, cheating on ya, beating on ya/Chante’s got a man at home and he’s sure good to me,” and when we found that “good to me” man we were all calling ourselves Chante as we sang along. We mustn’t forget the super sexy Waiting To Exhale track “Wey U” to which we all made up our own lyrics! In 2003 Moore coupled up with her husband, Kenny Lattimore to make Things That Lovers Do, and the response was magnetic. (Let’s just say many a baby or two were conceived from this record.) Her latest album Love The Woman rekindles the romance of past records, and songs like “It Ain’t Supposed To Be That Way” and “Love The Woman” are sure to make unforgettable love ballad hits that we’ll be singing along to for years to come.

Clutch caught up with Chante Moore to chat about her new album, the longevity of both her career and marriage and the importance of having a fly pair of shoes.

Clutch: You look fabulous on your album cover!
Chante: Which one…the one in that silver thing?

Clutch: Yes with the pink background and the silver dress
Chante: Oh is that what that is…a dress? That short thing! [Laughs]

Clutch: Love The Woman is your first solo album since 2000’s Exposed and working with your husband Kenny Lattimore…how does it feel getting back to work as a solo artist?
Chante: It doesn’t feel like it yet since we haven’t done a lot of shows apart. The recording process I’m used to, but with this I feel more me. I’m even more comfortable, but I’m used to working alone. Not that I don’t like working with my hubby, I love it.

Clutch: How excited is Kenny for you…?
Chante: He doesn’t even count, he loves everything! I can ask him and he’ll just love it!

Clutch: You and Kenny have had tons of success working together these past few years. Do you think you’ll have the same momentum with Love The Woman?
Chante: I don’t know what to expect at all. The industries changed quite a bit. I really don’t have any expectations. I don’t know what people themselves will think or do. I know I’m proud of my album. I know I’ve grown as an artist and did my best. I can’t worry about these things.

Clutch: How have you and your husband managed to work together and last so long (as a couple) in this industry? You truly are a beautiful couple!
Chante: Thank you! Well, because if I murder him I’d have to go to jail! I’m playing! We made a commitment together for life, so we’re going to make the best of our lives together. He’s a believer of the lord like I am—two people committed to the same mission. It’s a journey and it’s hard sometimes but you know it can be so much worse. My life is a blessed place to be. My children are healthy, my husband loves the Lord, my husband loves me, I love the Lord, I love my husband, I love my children…why complain? Complaining doesn’t solve anything. I’m blessed.

Clutch: I see that you will be working with another Bay area artist, Raphael Saadiq on this album. Raphael is funky! How was it working with the S-a-double-d-i-q?
Chante: He’s good. He’s crazy and I like working with crazy people because I’m crazy. I was honored. He’s a church boy, a PK like I am.

Clutch: What can we expect from this new album?
Chante: It’s a mix of straight R&B to straight ahead jazz and everything in between. I have a way of singing and approaching a song that is uniquely me.

61m0bmhr4pl_ss500_>Clutch: Looks like you’ll be in Europe this fall. Have you got tours lined up for Love The Woman in the states?
Chante: Not yet. I’m doing a promo tour with Norman Brown right now. But no — we haven’t set up a tour just yet. The album was released on June 17.

Clutch: What is this talk about you being “back”? You’ve been here the whole time…touring and performing with the hubby…
Chante: I don’t know who says I’m back. This is my only job! It is continuous work. I don’t know what they meant by this. With this album, I definitely am singing about love and relationships and being uplifting to the one you love and yourself. Coming away with something and keep moving because sometimes we get stuck on things whether its friendships or relationships. Hopefully listening to this album will make someone feel better.

Clutch: The girls at Clutch love, love fashion! What is your favorite accessory (besides that handsome husband of yours!)?
Chante: I love it all! I do have a lot of shoes. Shoes can make or break your little outfit there… or a purse! But you can have an ugly purse and some fly shoes!

Clutch: I love the shoes too…I tend to focus on the shoes and forget the tops and bottoms…
Chante: …yeah well I think I indulge on the tops and bottoms too! [Laughs]

Clutch: Thanks so much for speaking with Clutch…anything you’d like to add?
Chante: I’m so honored to be doing this for a living still. You see people come and disappear…I’m just honored to do what I love to do for a living.

For more on Chante Moore, visit www.chantemooreonline.com and www.myspace.com/kennyandchante .

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