_5634763.jpgThe increase in makeup consumers becoming aware of what’s being put in the products they buy has created a market for products that are not only natural but also good for your skin. Gone are the days where you would slather your precious skin with products that had ingredients that you couldn’t even pronounce. Now you can find products everywhere that treat your skin to the best of what nature has to offer.

, a longtime leader in innovative and exciting products has just created All Skins Mineral Makeup SPF 15 ($32.50, prescrptives.com). This all-natural mineral foundation contains vitamins, minerals and gems that provide amazing coverage at the same time leaving skin looking naturally radiant and unbelievably healthy. Skin is able to breath instead of being hidden under a mask of makeup. You are left looking like yourself but a better version of you.

The mineral powder has no oil, talc, fragrance or pore-clogging ingredients so it is perfect for every skin type. And it comes in an extensive collection of 18 shades so there is a powder prefect for everyone. With Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Makeup, skin looks and feels naturally flawless, naturally better. And you can’t ask for more then that.

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